Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer 2008

We had a great summer this year. We went to Disney world last June for 5 days. We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Disney. It was so fun. We had some family gathering and activities at home. We had the Pender's family reunion. I am happy to meet Katie & Jason, and their kids. Also, the rest of the Pender clan. We went to Stone Mountain at Labor Day to watch the Laser Show. Hoping that we will have a good summer again next year and I cannot wait!


Labor Day!!!!

Stone Mountain!

Water mill

This is JK going up the mountain.

On top of the mountain. The place is beautiful.

Going down the mountain; waiting for grandma...

I hate guns...

This is Naybi, trying to figure how the toy gun works.


In the middle of summer!

Mulch time! Every summer, Dad brings mulch for all the plants around the house.

JK is showing the tomato to Naybi.

These are the Pender's grandkids.

I love this picture. Both of them are having a moment.

Children's Museum - Atlanta

This year, we also got a chance to visit Downton Atlanta. We took the Marta (train) and JK had a blast while Joey was freaking out. He does not like to ride on public transportation. It was Naybi's first train ride. We went to see the Nickelodeon's Slimmy Party at Centennial Park, and we went to see the Children's Museum. Next year, we are going to visit the Coca-Cola Factory.

Me and Naybi. We are having a hard time taking pictures together because she did not want to be left out on what was going on around us.

Yeee -haa! She was tired.

trying to be crafty...


These are the pictures from Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood

Disney Pictures!

Sorry guys, I love HSM!!



Ahhhh!!! Dont eat us!!!

Animated Characters Parade!

Blue Ranger!!!

Awww! I love this show. I want to see it again.

Bam! Bam! Boom! Boom!

tree of life - animal kingdom
This tree is wonderful. Its not real but it is wonderful. I love arts and this is the most amazing art work that I have ever seen. I just cant believe how they patiently made it. WOW!
I almost cried when I saw it because I see hardships, and great hands in every creature that they have at that tree. I am very patient in my art works that sometimes it takes me a week to finish but this one, it is WOW!

it is soo hootttt....



Jack Sparrow? No, its just my husband!

Well, its time to go.

Okay, I think this is it. I will try to take pictures for the Fall. I am looking forward for our Family Hiking this October. I love Fall. Fall is beautiful.