Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

I'm going to start with our trip to Stone Mountain Park last Saturday, November 14th. My father-in-law's siblings and mom came to visit from Las Vegas. Apparently, the Snow Fall at Stone Mountain started last Saturday. I was excited because I've never been to this special event at Stone Mountain.


We went to Stone Mountain in the afternoon. I guess it's better to go in the afternoon because most of the activities are at night. Like the Snow Fall parade with the Snow Angel and Santa, musical shows, 4D movie and/or the Snow Fall Fireworks.
Since we got there early, we went to climb the granite mountain, we visited the plantation, and ate dinner.

These pictures were taken on top of the mountain. Particularly the following 2 pictures, my daughter was modeling and my son pretended that he was a lizard.

The weather was beautiful. It was a little bit chilly on top of the mountain. However, it didn't bother my kids at all. They were having so much fun.

After we climbed the mountain, we went to visit the plantation not that far from the main park. To my surprise, they have a petting zoo at the park. Anyway, JK had fun terrorizing the sheeps and the goats. The same thing with Naybi.

It was almost dark so we decided to leave the animals and went to eat dinner.

The main event was the Snow Fall Parade with Santa and Snow Angel. The kids had fun even though they were freezing.

So, if you are from Georgia, you better come and see this place. It's not big as Disneyworld but it's worth the price. Good food, good place, good price.


This is what Georgia looks like in Fall Season. Amazingly gorgeous.

These pictures are from our backyard. I don't have time to go to the mountains to take picture of the trees. My husband usually brings me to the mountains during Fall season but he's not home. However, my in-law's backyard are pretty enough to take pictures of Fall.


These pictures was taken at Lake Lanier, 12 minutes away from home. I went with my in-laws and my son JK to watch the sunset 1 Friday afternoon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Collected Videos

Monday, August 10, 2009


Finally, I got a chance to enjoy my summer vacation with my husband and kids. I had 2 weeks break from school and work, and my husband had a 1 week off from work as well (yay!). I wasn't planning to go anywhere but he surprised me. He flew me to North Carolina and met him in Wilmington where the closest airport to the base . We stayed at Wilmington for 2 days.

Wilmington is full of rivers and it is near the beach. This place is perfect for honeymooners. Since Joey and I didn't had an official "honeymoon", we get a chance to have it this time.

I really like this place and hopefully, I will go back there again someday.

Wilmington, NC
USS North Carolina was a battleship of the United States Navy, the lead ship of the two-ship North Carolina class, and was the first new-construction battleship to enter service during World War II.

Topsail Beach, NC
Wilmington is pretty but we needed to go back to Camp Lejeune because Joey was going to work the next day, but before that we stopped over at Topsail Beach on our way. The place is not as beautiful as Wilmington. However, we got a chance to play with the water and enjoyed our time just the two of us.

August 3, Monday night, we drove all night back to Georgia because I missed my kids (I couldn't sleep). I know, I can't live without them. My husband wasn't mad but he just gave me a

Anyway, we went to Six Flags the next day.
We went to Six Flags. JK had fun and so thus Naybi. I didn't get a chance to ride on the big rides but I was happy to see my kids enjoying their day.

And then, Friday, August 7, we went to Fernbank Museum in Atlanta.

After the museum, we went to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant, SHOGUN, a japanese habachi restaurant.


Last, we went to Lake Lanier Water Park. Saturday was our free day. Joey's family wanted to do something before he left to go to Iraq. So, we decided to go and have fun under the sun. Lake Lanier Water Park is not that far from our house and they have tons of water activities. I didn't take much pictures because I kept on forgetting it.

There you go guys, these are the things that I did for my summer getaway. I enjoyed it and hoping (and wishing) to have another summer getaway next year. I'm actually and definitely saving my summer when Joey comes back in May.
As for now, I have 9 more months to kill :(