Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

The Dye Family - Christmas 2008

I am so glad that Christmas is over. I got my wish and I am so happy to receive it. It was my temple recommend!! I've been wanting it for a while. I felt sad because it took me a while to get it, but before I went to meet my bishop, first, I made something special. I did the "12 days of Christmas" thing. I made some stuff to other people like:
- I gave away mini cakes and paper ornaments that I made
- I became a Secret Santa to my mother in law
- I went to visit my friend Emily and thought her some stuff that I know
- I read the story of Christmas to my kids (Luke 2)
- I talked to a sick person at church
- instead of receiving gifts for myself, I gave gifts away even to the people that I do not know
- I thanked my husband, and made him feel special
- I went caroling with my kids.
- and many more.
This Christmas was the most meaningful Christmas that I ever have. I made extraordinary things that I never did before. I did this to give thanks to my wonderful Savior.


Practicing for our caroling


Ornaments that I made


Cookie Time!!!


Our ginger bread

Naybi lost her patience while waiting on the ginger bread.


She was decorating the cookie that she was eating


Christmas day with Aunt Suzie

JK's Christmas presents!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Christmas!!!

Christmas Pictures
(work in progress)

1) This picture was taken in front of Walmart. It was a free picture sponsored by Coca-cola and a
local radio station. Thanks you so much.

2) This picture was inside the church building. It was in the main lobby were they had big pictures showing the coming of Christ. We just had a Christmas Community Service this week, and it was showed for 3 days. The activities included: live Nativity, musical performances from members and non-members and nativity showing (Nativity sets from all over the world.) I think this was the coolest activity that they ever had because it reflected the real meaning of Christmas and it also helped the community to understand what we believe in. And they had free food.
Naybi and JK were just about to finished their snacks while waiting for everybody to get inside the building.

This Rubber Ducky Nativity Set was JK's favorite because he thought it was funny to have these ducks on the show. (Do you think it's funny?)(I think so...)

more pictures to come...please stand by!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Before anything else, here are some pictures that we got from Halloween this year.

JK was supposed to be a Bumble Bee from the movie Transformer, but then he changed his mind right before the big day, So he was a race car driver instead. I made him a car made up of a diaper box and decorated it so that it would looked like a race car.
While Naybi, she was Tinker Bell. Joey was made fun of her because he taught she was the biggest Tinker Bell of all. As we know my daughter is chubby and her costume (almost) did not fit on her, but she was beautiful.
We went to the mall before Halloween and we collected lots of candies, and people loved JK's costume. On Day of the Halloween, we went to our neighbors to collect some more candies. It was very very cold, but the kids did not mind on how cold it was.
And then, we had a Hoe Down Party a week after Halloween. It was a combined activity from the other ward. We had a pie and salsa contest. JK and Naybi was in a custome as a cowboy and cowgirl. As for me, I got a chanced to dance with my husband and it's been a while since we had our last dance ( and I think it was in the kitchen, goofing around.)

Brain-damaged Family:
(Joey, JK & Naybi)

Ghost Cupcake!

JK's cute pose, while Naybi was finishing her banana!

Another costume...

Mr. Speed Racer

Tinker Bell

I fixed her costume so that it would looked more different and gorgeous.

Hoe Down Party
(Me, Joey, JK, Naybi and horsey + scare crow)