Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

It's the 3rd week of January and my new year is already on the roll. First, my husband came home before Christmas and he got a chance to go with us to San Diego. Second, I started my new year with cute projects. Third, school starts early this year.
Here are some pictures to brighten your new year. Hopefully, this year is better than last year although things are a little bit rough right now.

3 of my favorite pictures that we took in San Diego.


These are my new projects for the New Year: baby shoes, diaper case and wipes.


Our first family picture for the New Year together with Uncle Frank and Aunt Ellen and her kids and grankids, Grandad & Margueritte, plus Brett (Susie's boyfriend).

This semester, Spring 2010, I'm taking Biology, Math (another Math because the Non-Science Major Math that I took before is not good enough), 3D Design (Sculpting - the last pre-req class, then I can start Computer Graphics I next semester), and I'm taking my last college English class. Pretty much my 3D Design and the Biology are the ones that I'm looking forward this semester. Art and Science are amazing. I like Algebra but not all the Math classes. Ekkk! And, English - no way Jose!

Anyway, husband is pretty much done with his deployment. Before he came home, he went to the doctor and they said (or he said) he has PTSD. Yep, officially, my husband is crazy. But, they're paying his craziness. Isn't that crazy? Ha! Ha! My mom said we are so meant to be because I'm crazy too.

While JK - he's having a hard time learning Spanish. I just got his reports and his teacher is complaining that my son is not improving much since the last assesment. It doesn't bother me though because he is only in Kindergarten. All that matter to me is he is having fun with school which amazingly, he loves school. He loves Nature, Science and Art.

And Naybi, she is so terrible 2 but I have to love her. She's having a hard time eating her meals (but not junk foods). For months, while Joey was gone, she didn't want to attend her Nursery class. She finally attended when Joey got home. She's trying my patience and sometimes I lose it. It's a learning process like other things that I have in life.


I'm looking forward for this New Year especially this summer. I don't have any plans this summer but its my first summer without school involved unless if I'm going to Italy (it's a school thing for art majors). I want to bring JK and Naybi to Florida for the JFK NASA Space Shuttle Launching. Importantly, I want to win the competition that I set up with Joey. Whoever loses the most fat before the end of summer gets to decide on a trip anywhere. I want to go to New York (SHHHH!!! It's a secret). He's not supposed to know where I want to go.

So, yeah, this is it. Happy New Year and enjoy.